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2021: What to expect on this site
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57 Books: Finally, finally met & exceeded my reading target
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2021: What to expect on this site

Fiction. More short stories, of course. Of the sort you’re already accustomed to. The brief ones – fewer or more than 100 words. Compact. Seemingly unfinished. Then the significantly longer and more popular – 1,500 -3,000 word count kind. Lingering for just about the right length of text, depending on your preference. Sometimes leaving you heaving with relief at the end or holding your breath.

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57 Books: Finally, finally met & exceeded my reading target

For instance, Jilly Cooper delivers on all fronts: entertainment in the form of her mix of colourful and conservative characters, plot twists, etc; education where she’d school you effectively on her passions/subject matter (i.e Polo, show jumping, the educational system, orchestra music, horse training, the world of art, etc) without being didactic. Yet you’d appreciate the amount of research done to infuse the necessary feel of reality and fiction. I always come away with new knowledge. And judging from the number of her books under my belt, it’s obvious she’s continuously instrumental in evolving my creative side. Reading her evokes a range of emotions and is always, always a thrilling experience.

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