May in review

The children’s month; that’s how I regard the month of May because three school – free days (holidays) await them every time it rolls in. May 1st: Workers’ Day. May 27th: Nigeria’s Children’s Day. May 29th: Nigeria’s Democracy Day.

And somewhere in between these holidays is Chairman’s birthday which just increases his level of exuberance. So, it was a hip-hip-hurray moment as he became a year older and celebrated it, rather excitedly, at school.

For two years in a row every May, I make certain all my posts for this month are children- centred. Not this time around though; I pay tribute to my two adorable recruits with every sound and gesture I make daily. That should suffice this year.

Besides holidays and birthdays, two other things stood out for me this month as personal highlights. I recorded the most consistency in my workout routine in the last 31 days than I have done in the last six months. Extremely proud of myself.

The second was acquiring a stack of books (novels, memoirs, devotional) that I’d delve into, head/eyes first, next month. I can’t wait!

How did the month of May treat you?

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