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How do you say…?

How do you say…?

I didn’t know what I was going to say as I punched in her numbers; I just hoped something appropriate would pop out of my mouth. She answered on the second ring. ‘Hello.’ ‘Hi girl, it’s Idolor.’ I said. ‘I just heard the news and wanted to say…’ She cut me off and went off on a monologue. I didn’t try to stop her; I felt it was good therapy for her mind, body and soul. Words like ‘How could this happen now?’, ‘This is not good’, ‘Why did this happen now?’, ‘Oh no’ reached my ears in a voice that was dull and in distress, a tone I had never heard my friend speak in before now. The few times she paused for breath, I uttered. ‘Sorry Uyi; I’m so sorry.’  ‘Sorry for your loss.’  ‘Sorry’. My brain was closed: I couldn’t think of much else to say to soothe her obvious pain. By the time she was finally done talking, I was able to add something else to my lame ‘sorry’ and its variations. ‘Our prayers are with you and the family, and if there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know.’ ‘Thank you, Idolor. Thank you so much for calling.’ We both hung up and I called a mutual friend of ours. ‘Trish, Uyi just lost her father.’ ‘Oh my. When? How? Did you call her?’ Yes, I just did.’ ‘What did you say?’ And then there were three… The last time I saw him was 2010 at an exhibition where both our organizations were participants.  After the initial surprise and subsequent hug, he asked about my family, commented on how motherhood seemed to suit me and we exchanged numbers. We were in contact with each other on occasions. I knew when his second child was born and when he was transferred out of the state. Then we lost touch and I lost his number. I haven’t spoken to him in two years. Then I logged into Facebook sometime last month and the first few words of his status froze me. It read something”more

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