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The end of the month

The end of the month

I’ve always said if I had a business, I’d call it ‘The 31st‘. It has a nice ring to it and would most likely rouse a bit of curiosity.  It would target salaried workers whom I was certain would have the funds to pay promptly for whatever I was offering. There’d be no need to ask countless times for payment or hear the usual ‘come today, come tomorrow‘ procrastination phrase of debtors. I don’t know how to ‘drag’ for my money. What a wicked thought! Lame too, now that I think more about it. Salaried workers are known to owe even when guaranteed monthly money is around the corner. I’m yet to open that business. Meanwhile, the CAC has the name in their records, waiting for whenever I’m ready. But August 31st is here and has been for longer that I have; it’s one of the reasons for wanting  to name a business after what it signifies. Yes, it’s another birthday for me, and I wanted to write something in remembrance of it.  Something to set in motion the plans for another new year for me.  Perhaps share memorable experiences about birthdays past or what I plan to do today[…]

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