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In September

In September

Chairman began school today. And like any mother leaving her child in school for the first time, I was slightly worried. Apprehensive. What would his attitude towards this new part of his life be? Would he cry? Cling desperately to me when I turned to leave? Give his teachers cause for concern? By the time July rolled in, I began sounding him out about this impending phase.’You’re going to school in September.’ I’d say. ‘Yesh.’ He’d agree and start undressing, thinking we were going to pick T up from school. Then, whenever he upset me, the statement would come out as a threat. ‘You’re going to school in September!’ ‘Yesh.’ He’d still agree and carry on with his life. By now realizing it meant something else but not exactly sure what. One morning, he was crying as T left for school, asking to go along with her. I comforted him with the same words. ‘Don’t worry, dear. You’re going to school soon.’ ‘Yesh,’ he replied tearfully. ‘In epepmber.’ In September. He clutched his lunch bag tightly and silently stared straight ahead as we neared the school. It was nothing new to him; he had accompanied me time and again to pick up his sister. We arrived at the gate and one of T’s former teachers carried him, held T’s hand and whisked them both to a general assembly that was already underway, leaving me to sort out uniforms, fees and miscellaneous. It was fifteen minutes later when I walked into KG 1 to see a smiling Chairman wave to me before going back to the activity he and a new classmate (and potential buddy) were engaged in. I need not have bothered; he was happy in his new surroundings. School seemed to promise fun and other interesting things. He looked eager to discover them all. I guess the conscious and not – so conscious preparations for this day had paid off after all. I made to leave as more new children shuffled into the class. As if on cue, Chairman got up and began allotting chairs to everyone. ‘You, zit”more

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