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I, Juggler
Why baking during the weekend is a no, no for me.

I, Juggler

Plantains are sizzling quite nicely in the pan and won’t start browning for about a minute or two. That’s just time enough to check on Chairman in the sitting room and set T straight on her next item of homework. A little while later as I flip each oblong-shaped piece over, my mind (and eyes) fleetingly stray to the dishes within arm’s length which I had temporarily abandoned in order to start lunch. No worries, I think, I’d finish them off while the plantains are getting thoroughly cooked. I put the frying fork down and make towards the sink. Then I stop, grab one of the stools in the kitchen and sit down. Sheesh! I was doing it again; doing more than one activity at a time aka multitasking, that which the corporate world thrive on (I think). However, it cannot take the credit for starting this hard — to — break habit; reading/writing in the loo many, many years ago comes to mind immediately. But honing the habit, a regular 8am — 5pm (and often times, longer) job did that perfectly. How many times did I simultaneously have a face-to- face conversation while on the ‘phone? Or type and send out a mail while listening to a recording to produce a report out of? Perusing a document while an interviewee stated his/her case was all in a day’s work too. Let’s not even go to what I did during meetings. I could be taking notes while working on my next project as well. Once after such, a colleague asked to look through my notes and was stunned to see, amongst that which I had written down, two pages of an article for the company’s newsletter I was compiling! I was a professional juggler but my act was on the ground, not in the air. It was an absolute thrill to include this trait in my resume. Invariably informing prospective employers that I could be a jack of two or more ‘trades’ and focussed on none. I took it off three years ago. Despite the mistakes I made while at”more

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