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Just do it

Just do it

              I haven’t posted anything on this blog in more than a month now. Maybe it was intentional.  Maybe it wasn’t. I had plans to put finishing touches to the general look and feel of the blog but, judging from the ‘nothing new’ or ‘still – the – same – look’ of the blog, I am yet to achieve that goal. I was side – tracked by a book project which has been pending for more than a year now. I spent the entire June fine – tuning that contract and all else that went with it – agreeing on cost, sorting out timelines, materials, man hours, resources and references, googling and mentality preparing myself for the task ahead. Yes, it took that long. Then again, my contractor didn’t move as fast as I’d have liked. Now that it is well under way (I’m at the tail – end of the first part of the book; there are seven parts in all), I can come up for some air…and blog just a teeny bit. I do not know when I’d be adding the necessary finesse to the blog as I had earlier planned but it would certainly be in this lifetime, as I am currently engulfed in this project with a rather distant monitoring eye from my contractor. Not that I mind it, though; it kinda keeps me grounded, focused. And to think I had originally rejected this offer a year ago. My contractor (a former boss and a lovable one too), on the other hand,  wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. He spent weeks (and mails with loads of exclamation marks) convincing me that I was the right woman for the job.           I finally changed my mind. Albeit halfheartedly. Blame it on his persuasion skills and one of my resolutions to face my fears, and try new experiences. Then it took months that piled up into a year before we could meet and discuss the project’s details. Scattered all around me are his notes as I write this. They”more

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