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Working that muscle

Working that muscle

A whole year’s worth of work. That’s how much I lost on this blog. A first time visitor here would think me unserious. And I would agree. After all the date of my last post reads August 31st, 2015. Yet, this month began so well. After deep introspection (along with millions of Nigerians) about the nation’s direction on its 56th year celebration, I mapped out my writing goals and intentions for October. Just as I planned, so did the universe. Boom! Sickness swooped into my body and I was out of commission for two weeks. 14 whole days! Of doing absolutely nothing but waking up and wishing I felt stronger. Not nauseous. Wishful thinking. October 16th dawned, and I was free and fit. Guess the first place I rushed to? The sinking feeling in my stomach when (I stopped my endless refreshing of the home page) reality sunk in was comparable to the nauseous one while I was sick. A year’s work (September 2015 – September 2016) gone. Poof! Like an illusionist’s bad trick. All due to hosting rights. Retrieving them all would be near impossible. I wasn’t certain of having all the original text in long hand. The pit in my stomach remained for all of two days. Then I was like…well, so what?! Why the heck do I feel like I’ve lost 80% of my world? Half of my writing world for the last year or so, actually. No, all of it, in fact. Some of them could be recovered or so my long – hand notes reveal. Just some of the very recent ones. (Long hand, you know I never take you for granted. You just proved your worth!) But that’s not all I need to recover. Posts written on specific dates – birthdays, anniversaries, first – time events, national holidays, the children’s holidays , etc – are probably gone forever. Those can hardly be posted to mark particular dates. Unless I want to re – post them regardless. Do I really want to do that? Upload old, lost articles – as many of them as I”more

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