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The U.S 2016 Elections: Donald’s Trump Card

The U.S 2016 Elections: Donald’s Trump Card

So the joke won the election. Who is laughing now? With this turn of events, does it mean: …Hillary is going on death roll? …that wall is definitely going up into the sky? …all minorities – African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, etc – should watch their backs? …Nigerians are coming back home(remember his comment about the Nigerian in Alaska)? …the migrant laws are going to be stringent enough to cause the kind of roar of the republican rallies? …the fact that one cannot handle a twitter account does not necessarily mean one cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes (buttons)? …Obamacare will be flushed down the toilet? …Putin and Trump are now BFFs, and Putin has direct access, free pass into the white house at any time? And to think the world anticipated a Hillary win. And to think Hillary was poised to make two more of several firsts: …the first woman president of the most powerful (are they?) nation of the world …the first first lady to return to the white house (like it’s her father’s) as president And there was Obama poised to achieve another first too: …the first black president to handover to the first female president (What[…]

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