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June’s Reading List
Be careful what you wish for

June’s Reading List

Fat Chance – Nick SpaldingI began the month on a humourous footing. Nick Spalding’s book was recommended by a friend and well worth the time and laughter it evoked. Funny, well written, engaging and relatable. After this novel, I searched and acquired more of his work (about five of them) for further laughs the British humour and writing style I want around me. The Art of Witty Banter – Patrick KingI am uncertain how this volume made its way into my unread collection but I’d likely say the same of others in there as well. It’s all in the need to read widely and not confine my mind to just a type. And because I believe few books are a waste of my precious time, I found this rather enlightening and broadening my scope on the fine art of starting, sustaining and prolonging conversations with friends and strangers alike. The suggestions were endless and common place, some of which rang familiar too (I use that!). Bullseye – James Patterson. And I’m still on this author – my third of his books in two months. However, he wrote this in collaboration with someone else. No problem at all. Still interesting detective plot that kept me turning the pages until the end. I have one more (or is it two now?) of his novels. Lifelong Writing Habit – Chris Fox.This trade book of the month was like listening to a scratched CD; almost all the suggestions therein I had come across before. The bottom line was to write every which I still struggle to achieve years after reading On Writing and other books about building a writing routine. I write regularly but everyday writing? I’m still working hard at it and hope this book would do the magic. Why? What was different about this one? I did all the exercises enclosed in it and will begin the journey to building the routine of everyday writing tomorrow – July 1. Check me out on July 21; it takes three weeks to develop a habit, doesn’t it?

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