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Because you loved me
At the end of the tunnel
Total eclipse of the heart
Like a pack of cards
A friend, a sister
Don’t call my name
Who is the pathetic joker now?
Before this river becomes an ocean
An evening with you

Total eclipse of the heart

“You look good.” He uttered softly before he could stop himself, stepping forward. It was torture being so close to her without being able to touch her or take her in his arms, shield her from the pain even if he was hurting too. He shoved his hands into his pockets instead; his navy -blue suit matching her outfit as though mental telepathy was at play. “How is work? Osayu?” His eyes never leaving her face.

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Like a pack of cards

Her favourite, however, was their entrance into the hall. Her hand in the crook of his elbow, looking up at him as he spoke. Through the photos, she was able to regard both of them from an external angle for the first time. How had he put it then?…realize how much we fit as a couple? Indeed, they did. Complementing each other somewhat in the looks, height and physical departments. She didn’t care for a good-looking couple; she was more interested in a happy one, and that emotion radiated from both of them that night, reflecting in almost all the photos they featured in.

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An evening with you

He nodded. “I hope so too.” He began to rise. “Excuse me. I need to get back to my office colleagues.” He squeezed her hand once more and turned to Eddie. “My oga, let me go.” Clasping one hand in both of his. “Hold on to this lady. Good ones are hard to come by.”

For a moment, Eddie held Esohe’s gaze in an unfaltering one. “I intend to.” His smoky tones were quiet.

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