2021: What to expect on this site


Happy New Year, Oniovo!

18 days into 2021, surely it’s not too late to wish you a much better deal than the one 2020 handed to us almost throughout its length. Hope this year is filled with love, laughter, and light.

While this is not my first post for this year, I’d like to believe it is. I’d begun with daily prompts which, as you’d notice, lasted less than a week. My grand design to write my way, every day, through this year pattered out early on. The prompts lost their sheen and I decided to pack it in, devise my own inspiration and stick to my Sunday weekly post which I have built over the last couple of years.

What to expect this year on this site? Fiction. More short stories, of course. Of the sort you’re already accustomed to.

Sunday minis: The brief ones. Fewer or slightly more than 100 words. Compact. Seemingly unfinished.

Sunday shorts: The significantly longer and widely popular among my WhatsApp community. ,500 -3,000 word count kind. Lingering for just about the right length of text, depending on your preference. Sometimes leaving you heaving with relief at the end or holding your breath. I can be mean like that. Hehehehehe.

Sunday serie: Making an appearance also would be the serie -type introduced two years ago, and lastly…

Sunday novella: The occasional novella thrown in for variety and as inspiration takes me in different delicious directions.

Please forgive the initial kick-off and seeming rudderless path of the website. Besides the prompt disaster, I’m doing a lot of reading, researching and getting a copy editing/proofreading gig off the ground. It’s back on track now and already looking like a beautiful year ahead.

Next month I’ll ease into the Sunday post regime. See you then. Have a great, rest of this unending month!

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