A breather, please.

Sometimes parenting can be overwhelming.

So today, I gave the children toasted bread sandwiches with eggs and smoked fish filling to school as lunch, and some baked beans.


A meal I’d never have contemplated as school lunch for them in my wildest imaginations. Especially when my house is still stocked with other healthy food options – potatoes, rice, plantains, yams, sauces, etc. Or proper food like they’ve known me to refer to them.

But their scream of delight, when I agreed to this outrageous suggestion the day before during school run, overwhelmed any guilt I felt for the food choice.

The first time I consented to pancakes as packed lunches, I got more kisses in appreciation that morning than I had received in three months. It made the gesture worth every heat and posture it took to prepare and have them packed early that morning. Even the minuscule nagging guilt at the back of my mind didn’t get an ounce of my undivided attention.

Because sometimes parenting can be overwhelming, and one day lived outside the best laid plans wouldn’t have long – term effects, would result in absolutely thrilled children, and doesn’t imply I’m a bad mother.

Time was when I frowned at what their school mates had for lunch – bread & tea, bread & beans, bread & stew, noodles everyday….Judgmental me took over. What sort of mother gave this diet to her child? Didn’t she have time enough to devise and execute a proper meal plan? Or was she too busy or didn’t particularly care as long as her child ate something, anything that could be classified as food?

They say you can’t fully comprehend a person’s situation until you’ve walked in their shoes. And not too long ago, I found my size in those shoes and it wasn’t a bad fit at all. I became that sort of mother. The exact same one I just castigated caustically a paragraph ago.

Now I understood what sort of mother she was; the one who realized before I did that deviating from the goal of achieving super parent status is no death sentence.

Because parenting can be overwhelming sometimes, and showing your frailties actually reveals your strengths.


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