A new order, a new Nigeria…I hope






Even though I was going to dedicate all the posts of this month to the children (because of children’s day and all the other holidays), I knew it was going to be difficult not writing about the significance of today. Not after starting the countdown since March 31st.  And I know I wasn’t the only one.

This day. May.29.2015.

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for it arrive? How long I’ve been hoping, praying, believing for this change alongside millions of other Nigerians? And like the coming of the morning after a long -drawn night, this day has dawned. It is here.


No, the change hasn’t started but the symbol of it begins today with the inauguration ceremony (I’m watching it on TV right now and can’t help smiling as the president- elect arrives). With the change in government. With the arrival of a new governing party. With the dawn of a new era.

This change is on the heels of hope. Something else I and many others have held on to, maybe even longer than our need for change.


That things can and will get better in this country. For all classes of people.

That the very basic amenities and infrastructures will work and I’d be more than pleased to continue paying my taxes.

That the government in place has mine and every other citizen’s welfare and well – being at the centre of all its operations, and won’t take us for granted while leading us.



These two words are synonyms for the new Buhari – led government. For his sake and all the millions of others who believe in him, I hope he won’t fail us.

Today, he takes charge and the affairs of Nigeria would not be business as usual, I hope. I want change to be more than just a campaign slogan and I’m prepared to wait for it to unfold. Not in the first ‘100 days in office’ yardstick used for our leaders but in a year or two. Nigeria is too far down the drain (large – scale looting of public funds by public officials, the Boko Haram scourge, almost non – existent health and education sectors, insecurity, near absence of basic amenities and infrastructure…) to expect a noticeable change in a few days or even months.

It would take time. A lot of it. Buhari is no African magician. He’s just a man who was once the head of state of Nigeria (with the good, the bad and the strict ways of governing in the past) and who is, once again, the president of the same country preaching the change message.

Today, that wheel of change is about to start turning. It’s a new dawn.

Sai Buhari.



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