Between two white lines


A car is parked by the curbside. Another is idling right next to it, creating a rather narrow path way for other road users. In turn, this arrangement gives rise to building traffic as cars are constrained to slow their pace at this point and carefully negotiate no scratches on their cars while tooting their horns in disgust – parents on the school run route during rush hours. The lady  behind the chaotic car is impervious to the loud and incessant  honking behind her; she awaits her ward who is buying a snack or two from one of the shops close to the school.

A parking ticket strictly for parents’ parking infractions would be an idea whose time has come. 

A Sienna, a rather long vehicle, kicks its engine to life in its parked spot. A CR4, searching for a space, notices the lights, and edges closer. The Sienna begins to back out but is unable to execute the move completely. The CR4 has left insufficient manoeuvring room for it to do so. Sienna toots once, twice but the CR4 doesn’t budge. Sienna driver alights and confronts CR4 driver, behind whose car a line of impatient waiting cars have formed.  Though this scenario is commonplace, especially in the afternoons, there’s no getting used to queuing under the blaze of the Sun. 

‘They don’t want to move back!’ Protests the CR4 female driver, gesturing behind to indicate her predicament.

Sienna driver is totally confounded. This lady must have bungled mathematics at school.  If not she would have figured out the wide berth needed for a car this length to reverse out completely, evacuate the spot and allow her take its place. Sienna driver returns to her car, parks it again and kills the engine.

They say guns don’t kill people; people with guns do. Subsequently, cars don’t park incorrectly; people behind the wheels of cars do. 

By one of the school’s gates are at least three parking spots. One fine morning, a genius of a parent  has somehow managed to occupy two of them by positioning an automobile haphazardly and diagonally, and disappearing into the cool, thin air. 

And these are the humans raising leaders of tomorrow….

The road on which the school is located is a crescent, and has three more schools on it. All within looking distance. So parking space is precious and strictly guarded by the various owners. One of the crescent’s curves is smack at the first gate of the school. This delicate bend has not one but two ‘No ‘Parking” signs stationed on opposite sides. But no, this scorching afternoon, another responsible parent has defied common sense and logic, and parked her big, boxy 4×4 right on the curve, knocking down one of the signs, further shrinking an already narrow path, and creating avoidable traffic for at least 20 minutes.

CEOs. Heads of departments. Business owners. Ogas. Madams… Children will always mirror actions.




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