Sometimes… 16 – 20
Sometimes…8 – 15
Sometimes the heart takes the long way home…

Sometimes… 16 – 20

‘Women who love and want to be with you, Tayo? Yes, you attract them and there’s nothing wrong with that.’ She reasoned, following his movements as he paused by the sliding doors at the other end of the room and stared out of it. ‘Weeks ago?’ She went on. ‘Shouldn’t you be healing? Taking time to breathe?’

He swung his gaze at her then. ‘I should be happy and that’s what I am with you.’

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Sometimes the heart takes the long way home…

When Naji Fawaz decides to rebuild her life after a devastating personal loss, she plans a complete do over in an unfamiliar environment among unknown faces, and even contemplates an alternative career path.

What throws a spanner in the works is running into an old love, Tayo Olukoya, who unearths familiar emotions and poignant memories, and is absolutely thrilled at their reunion.

Will she fight her latent feelings for him and bury them once and for all? Or allow fate to take its course?

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