September 4th | Cable Connections

For the first time in weeks, she didn’t answer his routine morning call. She didn’t return it either, just like she hadn’t done yesterday. Instead he receivd a message:

Can’t talk now. Will call later.

Perhaps he was being overly dramatic but, after reading the message, he felt something was off about it. A detachment, a chill he’d never sensed from any of her previous messages, even if they were few.

If only he could hear her speak, he thought. It’d be easy to detect any…but how was he going to do that when she wasn’t answering?

He still couldn’t get away from the office at a moment’s notice; the meetings were still ongoing. The firm was in the middle of sensitive negotiations with a new client. So he responded:

Okay. Hope you’re good?

Her response came instantly:

Yes. Thanks.

He smiled grimly. Was she trying to blow him off?





Her text message to his afternoon call was two words:

Busy. Later.

That’s when he began to wonder if he’d put a foot wrong over the weekend. Had he taken any liberties? Rubbed her the wrong way with some of the things he said?

Mentally, he shuffled through the events of Sunday, Saturday and Friday, focusing on his house scenes, in an attempt to single out several moments and dissect them individually. But not one of them stood out for him. No seeming red flags. So what was going on with Esohe?





By evening, though she still wasn’t answering his calls, her response seemed warmer:

Sincere apologies

Tough day

Totally tired

Will call to explain tomorrow

Hmm! He thought. He’d whistle for that call; she’d promised the same yesterday. He was done waiting for her to return his calls.

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