December in review: Year’s end

Perhaps December would have turned out great if one unexpected inconvenience hadn’t marred the celebratory mood it heralds – the fuel scarcity menace.

Everything hinged on the availability of this dark, flowing liquid. It was priority, and practically took over our lives and the impending Yuletide. 

Nevertheless, four books passed beneath my voracious gaze – Persuasion, How to spell Naija in a 100 short stories Vol. 2, Excuse me ! & Born a crime. 

My 9- 5 job hummed along  uninspiringly. Not that I expected anything less; the signs have been there for quite a while. I even wrote and sent off the monthly report earlier than usual as requested by the boss.

My exercise routine included three days of bicycle – riding once we went off for the holidays, and hurray I had material more than enough to post beyond the required monthly target of my blog.

Goodbye 2017;I sure won’t miss you much.

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