February in review: Good vibes

Inspiration exists but it must find you working – Pablo Picasso


The second month of the year was, surprisingly, a good month for me. Surprising because I had no expectations whatsoever. Indeed, I had things lined up to begin this month; I hadn’t anticipated the positive effects they would have on me.

Despite being out of commission for a week due to malaria medication and drastically reducing my work out time, everything else came together in February.

Finally, I read the last page of Fire and Fury; I wasn’t sad to close the book. It was long overdue. That’s what happens with an e-book. Nevertheless, I intend to try my hands on other e-books and speed up my reading time.

My 9a.m. – 5p.m. gig got a much – needed boost from some news item and new posters; the phone calls kept coming in as well as the emails. Life was once again breathed into a project that had been in suspend mode for a tad too long.

I started off two things. The first was posting an article to some of my contacts on Whatsapp every Sunday. This singular act pushed me to write more and keep to my timeline every weekend. I discovered I actually began to look forward to writing and posting; Sundays took on more significance to me. In addition, the feedback has been encouraging, and my inspiration seem to be never – failing.

The second, which I believe is as a result from the first, is a new siblings series I began writing this month as well. The plan was to post four articles on the four Sundays in February, be consistent, build weekly expectation and then introduce this new series. Mission accomplished. The resultant emotion is beyond any words I can type here to effectively capture it.

Thank you, February.

It’s going to be an amazing 2018.

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