G.L.i.B – bing: Laughter is the best medicine …for your body and soul

Growing up, I read more editions of Reader’s Digest than I can count. Each and every time, the first pages I’d turn to were the humour sections. I’d have my fill of the jokes featured before reading the more serious issues of life contained therein.

I haven’t read a copy of Reader’s Digest in a while. I miss it.

In this present times of everything going sideways in the world and particularly in Nigeria, a good laugh is exactly what the doctor ordered. And causing me hearty, bellyfuls of it is a compact book I didn’t know I purchased last year. I stumbled upon it last week while searching for yet another novel to devour. Titled The Mini Manual of Humourous Quotes, it is divided into categories (eating and drinking, love and marriage, social…) where sayings of famous people from all walks of life are presented. The last two days of burying my nose between its pages have elicited loud guffaws as well as wry smiles from me. Reading through it has been worth every hilarious moment.

It has also taken me down memory lane to my first year at the university. A volume named The Book of Insults kept me company while I waited in long queues during the registration and course signing processes. It contained famous figures (largely British, some Americans and few other nationalities as well) trading barbed and blunt insults (rudeness, abuse) amongst themselves. I squealed with laughter. I cringed with shock. I winced with embarrassment and I gained more insight into typical British speech, humour and mannerism. It was a fantastic read and was huge enough to occupy me for more than a week.

Some of the insults, to my absolute delight, have found their way into this current book I’m reading. Like running into an old friend you haven’t seen in ages, I shriek with pleasure whenever a familiar one appears on a page.

But alas, a small volume can only be stretched for so long. Sadly (ironically), I’d be done with this funny read tomorrow. I’d have loved to hang on to it longer.

My consolation though is the memories and moments it will leave with me long after I finally put it down.

These times are interesting as they are tough. Read something amusing to get you through them. Something like the The Mini Manual of Humourous Quotes

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