The title of this post flashed, as though impatient to join the blog, while I read my first book of the year. Nora Robert’s Whiskey Beach, kicked off my reading this month. It has been a loooooooong while since I held a book authored by her.

As I turned the pages of perhaps my first novel in six months, I realized I wanted to talk (or rather, write) about the books I’d be reading in 2017 as I did, and not just list all of them in one post at the end of the year like I’ve done in the past two years.

To do that, I needed a title for the book category I’d be introducing on the blog; it was going to be a constant like the others before it – the institution, just the two of them, etc.

Books I’m currently reading and my reading list were two possible headings that didn’t quite fit. Too pedestrian, I thought. Bookshelf also made a feeble appearance; it was the name of an online book reading club I belonged to.

Nah, wasn’t that pilfering?

Half – way through Whiskey Beach and pondering on the culprit of the main unsolved crime, g.l.i.b flashed and…kind of stuck.

The more I thought about it, the apt it seemed. In name and purpose and…swag.

Allow me present the latest addition to the blog – G.L.i.B (Getting Lost in a Book). This category will feature the books I’m currently reading (or have just finished reading) as well as my thoughts on them. It would be a review and recommendation of sorts.

You will notice that the category’s title is dynamic and will be used not only to name the category but to describe some of its contents:

G.L.i.B: Getting Lost in a Book

G.L.i.B – bing: a book I’m currently reading

G.L.i.B- bed: a book I have read

Going to G.L.i.B: this is easy to understand, isn’t it?

Now you see why it is as appropriate in name as it is in function?

And to distinguish it from the same dictionary word (in spelling and meaning), it will always have the period marks separating the letters.

So, have you g.l.i.b-bed lately?

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