January in review: Wetin dey for Sokoto, e dey for sókótó

We have to let go of the life we planned…And accept the one that is waiting for us.

– Joseph Campbell


Just before the new year rang in, I began mapping out (and writing down) my plans for it.

Right after the holiday, things took off to a swimming start in the direction I envisioned. Accompanied with a heady feeling, they were happening at lightning-bolt speed.

Thirty days later, I’ve been mulling over the above quote for a while now. Perhaps what I seek out there is smack in front of me. I’ve either set my sights above it or I’d rather not acknowledge it.

A three -course meal for deep introspection. Food for thought.

In other news, my reading is still on the back burner as I have spent most of the month fleshing out ideas for a new writing path ( while chasing external illusions). 

January saw me begin a fast! I haven’t done that in eons. It was billed to last  for 21 days but was truncated on the 10th after I slipped on the stairs, slamming my neck, spine and behind hard on concrete.

No worries. Nothing’s broken. Just had a lot of pain for a lot of time. I’m back to my healthy self.

I trust your January was a good one too.

See ya next month!

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