Knowing Kigali: Shop till you drop

While on holiday in a new city, the sightseeing is always a big deal and something to look forward to..

But there exist another activity that holds a much bigger appeal than monuments, mountains, cobbled paths and the local cuisine.

Retail therapy.

Any traveler to a new land wants souvenirs of the place as hard evidence and/or tangible reminders of the memories of the trip.

I am no different.

The other day, my mum and I went to isoko kimironko , a typical local market to buy signature Kigali items. Our visit to the African market (which I tagged the Akerele of Kigali) was not only for sightseeing purposes. Unique products sang to my senses, my mum’s and my sister in law’s. And ultimately reduced our currency. Not that we’re complaining. If only we had more to spend…

To round off the collecting spree, an Egypt and Middle – East International Shopping Fair coincided with our stay.Thankfully, we had see the advert early enough to reserve some money for it.

We would have gladly followed the shop till you drop bidding of the fair’s banners at the entrance (of the venue) if only we had more to spend;the traders came out en masse with varied, exotic items – jewellery, bags, shoes, rugs, food, clothes, toys, furniture, lights, kitchen ware, etc.

We needed more than a pair of eyes each to view all of them, and would have acquired half of the things on display if we could. All the stalls were inviting, enticing.

But curb that greed (or big eye) we did and went home (after circling the venue) with an item or two that each of us was happy about.

Wouldn’t you say this was a three – in – one trip then? Rwandan, Egyptian and Middle – East flavours all combined?
I would.

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