No Spoilers! What were your teenage reads? Harold Robbins 2/10

Up next is Harold Robbins.

This author didn’t enjoy as successful a season as James Hadley Chase in the house. Many factors were probably responsible for this. His books were thicker in volume, raunchy often in content, sometimes explored incestuous relationships, and mixed the Italian Language with English to pass on its message.

After a couple of his novels, they faded away from our reading lists, no longer enthusiastic about the debased goings-on. It explains why his books are a dusty memory for my brothers and I. However, Stiletto, stands out. I may not remember most of the Harold Robbins books I consumed, but this one is engraved in my mind.

Unlike others, this resembled a Hadley Chase in size. Small. Portable. Unusual for a Harold Robbins book. Then I loved, loved the protagonist, Caesare. A sleek, suave, handsome assassin on the ‘Wanted’ list and killing his way across Europe (or was it the world, now?). His weapon of choice? A stiletto knife which he handled with such skill. Its hiding place was his sheet sleeve, and he slid it out smoothly and unnoticed once it was time to do away with his victim…

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