No spoilers! What were your teenage reads? Jackie Collins 3/10

Jackie Collins made her debut in the house with Hollywood Wives, and never really left. We read all the subsequent Hollywoods – husbands, kids, etc- then moved on to other titles.

She was raw. She was blatant. Her books kept you company for hours. And her content and characters revolved around sex – the good, the raunchy, extramarital, ménage à trois, sexual innuendos, sexcapades, free & paid…you name it, she’d written about it in unpretentious, engaging prose but lacking in the explicit manner of Harold Robbins. She was easier to read, amusing too. Her greatest weapon, shining a light on the background workings of Hollywood’s stars in the movie and music industry, kept us coming back for more.

In between reading her novels, we saw the movie adaptations and went in search for more of her titles.

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