No spoilers! What were your teenage reads? Harlequin. Silhouette. Candlelight. 4/10

For someone who grew up with fairytale-esque expectations, it came as a surprise that I wasn’t keen on the Mills & Boon series. I can count how many I read in one hand while friends and classmates were devouring them by their numbers, giggling over them,  and comparing notes with one another.  Other books fed my teenage-girl romantic notions. Harlequin. Silhouette. Candlelight.

The Ivory Cane was one of the few Mills and Boon novels I read and not as a Harlequin as the picture shows. You’d think it’d drive me to read others in the series because it made such an impression. But naaaa, instead, I searched only for those written by Janet Dailey and stumbled upon her Calder series, a plot about a Montana ranching family spanning generations of its menfolk.

This Calder Sky

This Calder Range

Calder Born, Calder Bred

Stands a Calder Man

Calder Storm

Calder Pride

They were more than I bargained for. Bliss in books.

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