Our holidays in photos: Sun, sand and animals

There’s a play park at the resort now. The children were ecstatic!


Some days, this was breakfast…


Most days, it was pancakes. Lots of it for the children.


Once puff-puff featured. Hot, soft, sink-your-mouth- in stuff. Yummy!


It wasn’t just the food that made breakfast. This was called the sandwich breakfast experience – diners were smack in the middle between the river and the sea


…the quiet of the river on one side and the roar of the waves on the other. Then there was local entertainment as well.


Right after breakfast was when the children began their adventures; no rest for their parents!


And this is one of the few times the beach and its environs got our attention.


At least I enjoyed this as much as they did.


The play park was a given – morning, noon and night.


…just before bath- and bedtime.


There was more than a fair attempt at mastering the tricks of badminton.


The teenager they met on the football pitch used them for some quality practice.


Back on the pitch, this time playing basketball.


I found a child- sized bicycle and T. rode to her heart’s content while her brother panted beside her.


Another attempt here at learning this game.



This sandbag – throwing game is a lesson in patience, accuracy and a bit of frustration.


T. and I took a dip a couple of times, and played some rounds of volleyball too.


I swapped my daily Shaun T. for bicycling in the mornings.


I swapped the other bicycle for this one suited more for my purposes and size. The other one was too big and almost took my behind with it.


The path to my morning routine.


And the grassy, uneven, sometimes hilly path I take too in the mornings.


The only animals I could capture – wild ducks; the monkeys were too fast for my lens.



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