9. One post at a time
G.l.i.b – bing: The breakout novelist
November in review: Movember
8. Wherever I lay my heart
7. Another Life
G.L.i.B – bed: The Getaway Car
6. Private Party
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October in review: Is this the worst month ever for me?
G.L.i.B – bed: With American Enthusiasm

9. One post at a time

The blog owner’s tales of her life and its struggles reflected Esohe’s; a single, almost 30-year female, living and working in Lagos. Her anecdotes were so relatable, sometimes Esohe felt she was reading her own life’s accounts. Public transportation adventures. Women’s hair mishaps. The stigma attached to a single, female living alone (don’t get her started on her own landlord!). Dealing with friends with boyfriends when you had none. Taking care of you all by yourself while stretching (to breaking point) a meagre income, month after bloody month (hoping some miracle would happen – you’ll come into an inheritance left by some unknown dead aunt or, the more realistic, get a bigger, better- paying job). Everyday living, really. Esohe’s and the blogger’s.

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8. Wherever I lay my heart

Their first stop was at Ibadan for two days. Then one night each in Ekiti, Benin and Asaba. The wet weather of Warri reminded her of the year she spent at Delta State University. Port Harcourt hadn’t looked so different from her last visit more than a decade ago but two days were insufficient to tell. They were off again making the return trip through Delta and Edo States with one night each at Auchi and Asaba before reaching Abuja for their last two days.

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6. Private Party

Realization hit her then. They were the entertainment – her friends and her. They were the party for these four men. Unlike what Daniel had told them back in their university hostel about going for party. It was a different kind; one he hadn’t bothered to elaborate on. Neither had they thought to ask.

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