Sunday minis: The sound of music

Hi, Lanre.’ A thrill skittered down his spine. Standard reflex action to the throaty tone seeping out of his mobile. ‘Long time…ok, ok, ok, don’t mind me.’ She giggled, pausing for half a beat. He swallowed. ‘Only two weeks. Someone just reminded me. And you haven’t picked up any of my plenty calls o.’ Then she sighed suddenly, audibly. ‘How are you though? Zach says they want to kill you with work at the office. It can’t be easy, Mr. VP of operations.’ Another chuckle, the trademark sound making him quarter smile. ‘To whom much is given and all of…stop it!’ Uttered playfully. In the background, a whack! sound followed by a faint howl of pain. ‘Not you, jare. Your brother’s being naughty here. And he knows I’m on the phone.’ He imagined Zach’s hands in places where he would like his own hands to. . . Lanre’s eyes closed and he dragged five frustrated fingers down his face, the other hand widening the loop on the tie knotted around his neck. He needed more air. ‘Thought I’d see you tonight, but I hear change of plans. Zach’s meeting you at the hotel. So, here’s me touching base because tomorrow is going to be super crazy.’ He heard the smile creep into the warm allure of her tone, diluting it to dangerous sensuous levels, slicing through his heart. ‘Happy, super crazy. And finally, we’ll become family. See you. Ni – Zach!’ Soft throaty sigh followed. 
  For the third time, the audio message ended.
  I don’t want to be your brother! The thought raked unrepentantly through his mind as he posed by one of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the busy business district of the town, and stared straight ahead, hands shoved deep in his pockets, unaware of twilight steadily browning the sky, the standstill traffic on the bridge at the centre of his view. . .
  But come tomorrow, he’d grit his teeth, shove the pain into the depths of his gut–like he’d done for the last six months–and dutifully stand beside his elder brother, as Zach married the woman he pined for with constant regularity. 

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