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Knowing Kigali: Something for the children

Knowing Kigali: Something for the children

‘Mummy,going from one shop to shop buying things is no fun.’ Chairman blurted out at the fair as his grandmother stopped at the third stall, in a row, to check out their array of cosmetics. For his sister and him, it wasn’t. But for us women, ha!, it definitely was. Retail therapy all the way! I felt for him though. We had done this at the African market until one of the traders gave both of them drums to beat out their boredom at the exercise, and allow us womenfolk continue ogling and haggling in peace. Now, here we were again at another round of endless, tedious shopping where they’d have to tag along and bear it. Then they discovered a toy shop directly opposite the clothes stall where we moved on to from the cosmetics’ place. Instantly, the whining stopped, and there was quiet and contentment on both sides. Unknown to them though, we had plans for them. Plans that were exclusively theirs unless the adults decided to bring out the children in them. Our next outing was to Bambino, an amusement park loaded with fun games and things to do for children. We drove almost 30 minutes out of town to reach the venue so that they could have some screaming and yelling fun. When we finally arrived, their squeal of delight was worth the effort and the time. Then they descended on the attractions… P.S. Note to the management of the park: Signs, signs, signs. You need to erect a lot of directional signs to your awesome playground. Twice, we got lost trying to locate it. And when we were eventually on the right path (according to the last man who showed us the way), we were a bit skeptical until we arrived at the entrance gate whose name sign needs to be bigger in font size and proportions.

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