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Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet

One minute  I was descending, balancing cutlery and plates on my right hand; the next , I was slamming my neck, spine and butt hard on jutting, concrete, well – laid out slabs – knocking the breath out of me and sending that balanced pile flying in all directions.  I have a meeting at 9a.m on the island. Was my initial thought. I didn’t want to miss it. The possibility of a slipped disc or broken bones was insignificant. Much like the student who screamed:  ‘Ah! My CK jeans!‘ when shot in the leg by armed robbers.  It is difficult to describe what happened  because everything went so fast like …magic. Africa movie magic.  For several  dazed minutes, I didn’t move a muscle. After that initial thought , Inly then did my mind begin to process the incident while waiting to get back the wind that shot out of me upon impact.  The silence was eerie at 5.45a.m. as I finally, slowly craned my neck. That’s when fear began to sip in. Scared to move my entire body in the event of any physical or internal damage, I assessed the one in front of me. Most of the cutlery and plastic[…]

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