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G.L.i.B – bed: In search of pleasure and balance

G.L.i.B – bed: In search of pleasure and balance

Among a stack of books (memoirs, novels, etc) a friend lent to me in 2014 was Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller- turned- movie. For the better part of April and May, I have been slowly thumping through its pages. Funny, I hadn’t realized the film was adapted from a book until I clapped eyes on it. Thankfully, I’m yet to see the film; it certainly would have soiled the reading experience for me as I’d rather glean a story from a book than its audio – visual version which would, most definitely, not capture every thought, essence of the entire written word. Last month, when I began leafing through it, I grudgingly did so. I must admit this. All the time it had been staring gloomily at me from the bookshelf, I cheerfully favoured other titles over it. Until it became my last and only resort, having devoured all the others it had come along with. Reluctantly, slowly, like a dreaded punishment, I opened its pages and asked myself only one page after: Why hadn’t I read this book before now? Divided into three sections – each depicting her travel events and knowledge in the different ‘I’ city she chose in search[…]

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