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No eraser

No eraser

            The last post for this month has to be centred on my children. At least I would have kept 75% of my intention to write only about them in the month of May. That’s not a bad score now, is it? So here goes. Doing homework with the children has never been a time I look forward to and this feeling only developed recently. Say, a year after Chairman started going to school. Initially with just T, it was manageable. I just went through the motions and indulged some of her excesses (like pointing out her teacher’s way of doing things as opposed to my own way).  Having two of them doing homework , most times at the same time, is pure drudgery and I have to grin (sometimes, bite my lip, keep my anger in check) and bear it. I did say I wanted children, didn’t I? Well, mummy, children and homework go together. Deal with it! That’s exactly what I do every week day for about an hour and a half or more. Dealing with T’s increasing wisdom as she grows older (as she emphatically still insists on her teacher’s method and[…]

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