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To the tie – rrific parent

To the tie – rrific parent

It was a day like this when Wana Udobang penned something in the lines of ‘You’re more than just an ATM’ to you. I’m just here to reiterate (and expound on) her words. Every offspring of yours has half of your goodness, your passions, your uniqueness. The support – emotional, moral, spiritual – you willingly offer to your significant other can never, ever be rounded off into monetary value. Your presence, quirks, nuances and why you’re absolutely loved by that woman, those children are huge parts of what accounts for your true worth. You’re your son’s first hero; your daughter’s first love. You have a beautiful calling. Your children call you, dad. Your wife calls you [insert appropriate sweet, syrupy endearment here]. And God calls you His – His son. Made in His image. After His likeness. One of His finest creations (The woman is His finest!). And today, we celebrate all that makes you amazing – finances included. Happy Father’s Day!…to you and all the other wonderful dads out there.

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