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007: Remembering Roger Moore

007: Remembering Roger Moore

Who was/is your best James Bond actor? In my teens, Roger Moore reigned supreme. He was my every day crush. Suave. Smooth and where handsome happened in all the Bond films he featured in. The ladies fell over him, and he knew just how to soften those who seemed immune to the charms he exuded. That voice of his always pitched at the right decibel when speaking to love interest or foes alike. And nobody could say, “My name is Bond, James Bond,” quite like he did. He knew how to strike a pose especially when a glass of wine and a stick of cigarette were involved. With his action moves and fantastic, out-of-this world gadgets which enhanced his status, he was the ultimate secret agent. In my opinion, he was the standard James Bond character all the others should have aspired to be; the epitome of Ian Fleming’s exact thoughts when he put the persona together in his books; and the visual attestation to my knight in shining armour…or rather in those fitting-like-a-glove suits he was always clad in. My unrivalled action hero. In my innocent, shallow, crush-crushed heart, he was it! Until I grew older. Until Pierce Brosnan[…]

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