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No spoilers! What were your teenage reads? Jeffrey Archer 9/10
G.L.i.B-bed: Bingeing on Archer
G.L.i.B – bed: Tell Tale

G.L.i.B – bed: Tell Tale

There’s nothing better than a Jeffrey Archer novel as a worthy companion. And to think I wasn’t much of a fan of his work in my budding, voracious reading years.  Don’t get me wrong; I did devour some of his books – A Quiver Full of Arrows, The Fourth Estate, False Impression, etc. However, it was a rare occasion to seek after them with the same passion and fervor I would normally for Sydney Sheldon’s work. Whenever I read them (Jeffrey Archer’s), they usually happened by chance and through no intentional effort on my part. Not until The Clifton Chronicles and I crossed paths. Now I’m quick to suggest him at  the slightest conversation about good reads and authors. Tell Tale was another enthralling read – all 14 short stories, and not enough of them in my opinion – that I finished in less than 12 hours, grudgingly laying it aside when there were more important tasks to tackle namely professional work and house chores. It was classic Jeffrey Archer with a surprising bonus at the end, four chapters of his new book – Heads You Win – which is due out in November 2018. I can’t wait!  

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