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The first cut is the deepest

The first cut is the deepest

Online shopping? Nah, it wasn’t for her. Didi thought as Jumia’s discount sales on bags, shoes, women’s fashion flashed invitingly on the right. She was dinosaur like that. The touch, the smell, the physical effect on her senses led to a purchase. Merely viewing them did little or nothing to compel her to give money away. Her beau once ordered a pair of well – made, hand- crafted leather slippers (online) in two distinctive designs. They were beautiful onscreen, and even more up close when they arrived. The smell of rich, brown leather and a colour on them like the coat of a thoroughbred. The only issue? They were the perfect size for their four- year old son; Didi chuckled for days. She continued scrolling down her newsfeed. Nothing intriguing caught her eye amongst the assortment of posts by friends or family. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Facebook seemed like the Sahara. Yudala soon took over the 100% off trend on electronics and more female accessories. Fleetingly, she paused. No harm screen- shopping. She did it all the time; then had recurring dreams about desired items much later. Once again, nothing interesting. She resumed scrolling until… She did need a new black[…]

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