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I didn’t know my own strength

I didn’t know my own strength

“If you ever threaten me with Osayu again, Jeff Kimble has promised to fire and blacklist you in that order.” Her voice was steel razing silk asunder. “I have it in writing, and witnessed too. Do you want a copy?” She asked suddenly, her eyes watching him. “So call off your dog who has been tailing me for weeks. Don’t come within certain prescribed yards of me or Osayu. Visitations with him will be supervised from now on at my discretion. You lost the right to be anything to us four years ago.” She continued in a cold monotone. “If you don’t like these terms, you can return to wherever you’ve been holed up in for the last four years.” She drew a steadying breadth. “The only regret I have in all of this is letting you harm my relationship with Eddie…and coming in between Ifeanyi and you. But then, if he really is your best buddy, wouldn’t you be a different man by now, allowing his good qualities rub off on you? Instead of this tyrant you have become?”

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