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Between two white lines

Between two white lines

  A car is parked by the curbside. Another is idling right next to it, creating a rather narrow path way for other road users. In turn, this arrangement gives rise to building traffic as cars are constrained to slow their pace at this point and carefully negotiate no scratches on their cars while tooting their horns in disgust – parents on the school run route during rush hours. The lady  behind the chaotic car is impervious to the loud and incessant  honking behind her; she awaits her ward who is buying a snack or two from one of the shops close to the school. A parking ticket strictly for parents’ parking infractions would be an idea whose time has come.  A Sienna, a rather long vehicle, kicks its engine to life in its parked spot. A CR4, searching for a space, notices the lights, and edges closer. The Sienna begins to back out but is unable to execute the move completely. The CR4 has left insufficient manoeuvring room for it to do so. Sienna toots once, twice but the CR4 doesn’t budge. Sienna driver alights and confronts CR4 driver, behind whose car a line of impatient waiting cars have[…]

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