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Bragging rights

Bragging rights

Michael’s gaze narrowed slightly as he eyed the half-eaten pain au chocolat suspended mid air before it rested on the person holding it. ‘Aren’t you overdoing it?’ His husky tones inquired. ‘The croissants or the trumpeting?’ Across the small round table between them, big, brown eyes belonging to his long-time personal and professional friend, Anne, danced brightly as her cool tones wanted to know before popping what was left of the pastry in her mouth. ‘Both.’ He adjusted briefly in his chair, then reached for the tall glistening glass of colourless liquid in front of him. A smile chased across her thin line of lips. ‘Yet you take me out to lunch to indulge? ‘ He shrugged, saying nothing; raising the drink to his lips, he drained it. She leaned, slender arms on equally slender crossed legs. ‘Admit it, M. I’m good.’ He met her gaze. ‘That’s probably the 1,000,000th time I’ve heard that in the last 15 minutes. There’s no doubt about it, Anne, you are.’ ‘Ha!’ She clapped her hands, temporarily drawing the attention of other diners. ‘I’m awesome like that. I can’t help it. Mad skills that are in demand; one of the best at the service I provide and…’ ‘Give some credit to piggybacking on my company, will you?’ Michael cut in. He was teasing. ‘Piggybacking, you say, M?’ Her voice had a tinge of incredulity. ‘If I charged for every pro bono project I did from inception until two years ago, I’d be a billionaire.’ ‘You know I’m kidding. You are a treasured supplier to us. A huge part of the success we currently enjoy. I’ll never forget that. So by all means keep telling me how exceptional you are.’ Anne preened briefly under his praise. ‘Your trust in me was half the work done, M. I didn’t know the extent of my capabilities until your don’t-take-no-for -an-answer attitude bulldozed me into a corner. He smiled. Those were tough and stringent times, and she had come through time and again for his then small, struggling organization. The experience and its attendant constraints, tight schedules, bootstrapping”more

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