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G.L.i.B – bed: The Undead

G.L.i.B – bed: The Undead

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to read The Lazarus Effect immediately after The Carnivorous City. The cover art did me in. That hand, in the shadows, rising out from the ground was too much of a temptation. I wanted to know what was behind it. What was the novel all about? How was the biblical story of Lazarus woven into its plot? So I grabbed the book. I also couldn’t help but glean the similarities of both books cover arts – the same use of colour and shades to interpret the titles, the fact that they shared the same publisher… It was my first modern South Africa – based book, post-apartheid. Mine Boy, back in literature study days, did well to introduce my younger self to a glimpse of the South African way of life during the apartheid. Who can forget the ‘Free Mandela’ songs or the ‘Black President’ ones? My then innocent mind read for the pleasure of it; apartheid and white supremacy were concepts I didn’t quite grasp completely. I’m older and wiser with more exposure to the then black South African plight (I was well aware of the official end of apartheid in the ‘90s,[…]

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