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Who is the pathetic joker now?
Sweet love, hear me calling out your name

Sweet love, hear me calling out your name

Naji had been waiting patiently for the past 30 minutes. The room seemed to get more crowded with every passing second, and it was almost 3.a.m. Apparently, more people were familiar with Tayo than she had thought. Success, indeed, had many friends. But she had no doubt that amongst those offering their congratulations were those seething with anger, envy, disdain and every other malicious emotion at his victory. The sound of the mixed tape of their favourite R’n’B songs was drowned by human noise. It was 10 more minutes before the crowd began to thin out. In trickles, they left. In twos. In threes. In groups of five and seven. The smile on Tayo’s face must have begun to hurt (his back sore from constant slapping upon) but he kept it plastered on until he shut the door behind the very last person. ‘Finally.’ He sighed deeply, walking toward her. ‘Babe, I’m so sorry.’ He enveloped her slim frame with his embrace. ‘Don’t be.’ She snuggled into his rock-hard chest. ‘I didn’t mind. And there was nothing you could do about it.’ From across the room amidst the attention and crowd, his eyes had always found hers every now and then and stayed locked for a few seconds or so. Not once had she felt left out. That singular act made her feel even more special and convinced to make good a decision she had reached earlier on in the day. Whether Tayo won or lost the election. She leaned back slightly, reached for his head, pulled it down to her face and merged their lips together briefly. ‘Is that my congratulatory kiss?’ He asked with a little teasing smile. She shook her head. ‘Tonight, you get more than a kiss, Tay.’ Her voice was low. A somewhat serious look replaced the smile on his face as realization set in. ‘Enajiomo, are you sure?’ His voice was low too. She nodded, then snuggled into his chest again. ‘Or don’t you want me?’ She felt him begin to harden against her even before he spoke. ‘I’ve wanted you for four agonizing”more

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