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Guess who is four today?

Guess who is four today?

May is the month for children, I have come to believe. Or how else do you explain the three holidays they have in the month? May 1st – Worker’s day (After which Chairman said school was over. Fat chance!) May 27th – Children’s day May 29th – Democracy day (in Nigeria) For Chairman, it holds a special significance. It’s his birthday month. Today, actually. May 11th. The yellow – faced, fat – cheeked, high – pitched voice commentator is all of four years today. On the ride to school this morning, I watched him play with the white ribbon used to bind a gift he had received earlier. So much had changed in the last four years, except that fair skin. From the quiet, peaceful baby I brought back home to the mischief – making, clear – prolonged – talking boy who, sometimes, uses my words back at me and can hold his own (to an extent) with his sister, and in a monologue while demanding you hear him out. From the almost daddy – look alike to a face that has now become his very own (his father’s nose is still unchanged though) look. From the shy, rather unfriendly,[…]

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