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The title of this post flashed, as though impatient to join the blog, while I read my first book of the year. Nora Robert’s Whiskey Beach, kicked off my reading this month. It has been a loooooooong while since I held a book authored by her. As I turned the pages of perhaps my first novel in six months, I realized I wanted to talk (or rather, write) about the books I’d be reading in 2017 as I did, and not just list all of them in one post at the end of the year like I’ve done in the past two years. To do that, I needed a title for the book category I’d be introducing on the blog; it was going to be a constant like the others before it – the institution, just the two of them, etc. Books I’m currently reading and my reading list were two possible headings that didn’t quite fit. Too pedestrian, I thought. Bookshelf also made a feeble appearance; it was the name of an online book reading club I belonged to. Nah, wasn’t that pilfering? Half – way through Whiskey Beach and pondering on the culprit of the main unsolved crime,[…]

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