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The prospects of the day looked bleak. It was barely 9am and her back hurt intermittently already. Didi stretched slightly, placing a hand on the small of her back in a vain attempt to kill the pain. Her shoes were off and lost somewhere beneath the row of tables she worked on. She wished she could shed the red jacket she had on as well. If only she were at home she would have, but in the office? That was pushing it, she thought, as she looked at the red miniature camisole she had underneath the jacket. Small beads of sweat on her forehead gave testimony to the amount of effort put into the task at hand. The room she worked in was cool, constantly being made so by two air conditioners which were on full-blast. She stretched again, this time arching her back to an almost bowed angle. She not only looked tired but also felt the effect of fatigue rake her small, slim frame. And the day had only just begun. Her list of ‘things to do’ was endlessly intimidating. Not desirous of dwelling on them to increase her gloomy perspective of the day, she massaged her neck gently for a bit before turning back to the table in front of her. Papers arranged neatly in about fifteen stacks stared back at her. They contained the necessary information for the much – needed exposure the organization she worked for sought. In addition to these were publications explaining the organization’s operations and its reason for existence. All of these she put into a sky-blue file, thus making an informative pack about the organization She had a hundred of these to make! She had been on her feet since 7.30am that morning! She had been hard at it for the last hour and a half! At her last count, she had forty down and sixty to go. Earlier on, a colleague of hers had put in five minutes of assistance time before leaving to her work station and Didi was back on her own. She heaved a sigh. And this”more

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