The books of July & August

Whenever I begin a mini series or a novella written in bite-sized, Sunday episodes, my reading tends to take a hit. I am always so focused on the next episode, the plot, the arrangement of words, what I aim to achieve or say in that particular episode or episodes. In other words, I am thoroughly engrossed in breathing life into another fictional work that it takes precedence over my reading.

But it is a vicious cycle, this reading and writing. In order to write well, one must read regularly, vigorously, voraciously, widely. Most times, like in the last couple of weeks, I ask myself: how do I combine both when I have daily writing targets and a day job? Where do I find the space to steal a few hours (or in my case, minutes) of reading time to boost my brain power and give fuel to an unfolding plot? Because, more often than not, inspiration lies between the pages of any good read and can take my current plot (and future works) in delicious directions.

Having said that, I am not proud to announce my books of the last two months. Remember my four-books-a-month goal? Yeah. I didn’t get there in July and August. Just to let you know so as not to keep your hopes up.

So here they are:

Private Berlin – James Patterson

Life with no breaks – Nick Spalding

The English Assassin – Daniel Silva

Private Sydney – James Patterson

The Slight Edge – Jeff Olson

Five books in two months. Three books shy of my monthly achievement. And two books too much of James Patterson.

Have a soaring September, y’all!

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